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Contact Jordan

Contact Jordan

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Feel free to email me at for just about any reason using the form below.

If you want to talk about X, I want to talk to you. I love talking to other people thinking and working on the same issues and problems. I like reading things. If you wrote something worth reading or have ideas I should be thinking or writing about, tell me.

Get in touch if you’re looking to work together or partner on a project, or to host an event together, or or do an interview.

If you’re looking for speakers, I speak on topics like x, y and z. I’ve spoken at events like X, y and Z.

I like meeting people at conferences. If I am at a conference as a guest or speaker, my explicit goal for being there is to talk to you.  Come up and introduce yourself.

I’m also active on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Youtube.

I read every message and do best to respond. I respond to almost all of them, time permitting. Nothing makes me happier than helping people out.

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